Making a Balance Board Easier or Harder

We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers about our balance board. One of the most common issues we hear is that customers want to either make the balance board more difficult or easier.

Fortunately, this is super simple to do. Here are a few tips:

Making Balancing Easier with the Balance Board

  1. Put the balance board on a softer surface. If you’re using it on a hard floor, try using it on carpet or with a rug underneath. This will make the board much more stable.
  2. Put one hand – or both hands – on the wall while balancing on the board. This extra stability will make the balance board easier to use while you work up your balance and strength.

Making Balancing Harder with the Balance Board

  1. Use the board on a hard surface. If you’re currently using it on carpet, a rug, or gym flooring, switch to using it on a hard surface like concrete. This will make the board less stable and more difficult. Just be careful so you don’t slip and fall while doing this 🙂 (I’d avoid using it on an ice rink, by the way.)
  2. Go one footed. If you want a bigger challenge, do you balance exercises on one foot instead of two. This greatly increases the difficulty for just about any balance board exercise.

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