Fury Fitness Foam Balance Pad - Non-Absorbent - Perfect as Yoga Knee Pads - Meditation Cushion - Rehab - Standing Desk Mat


Fury Fitness Foam Balance Pad - Non-Absorbent - Perfect as Yoga Knee Pads - Meditation Cushion - Rehab - Standing Desk Mat

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Brand: Fury Fitness


  • UNLIKE OTHER BALANCE PADS this one has a firm core and soft exterior providing just the right amount of instability. Plus, this balance trainer is extra-large, big enough for big men with soft knees looking for gardening knee pads.
  • IMPROVE & RETAIN YOUR BALANCE: This exercise pad is inherently unstable, forcing the muscles in your feet and ankles to work out, thereby strengthening them. Perfect for rehab and recuperation, or if your ankles roll like wheels.
  • RELAX ON CLOUD 9: You’ll love using this as a yoga meditation cushion, it’s a slice of heaven. This meditation pillow is your very own magic carpet ride transporting you into a whole new world.
  • FINALLY, A STANDING MAT YOU’LL LOVE: Imagine being able to stand at your desk through three conferences, 2 movies and a power nap… Yep. This large standing desk foot pad is that comfortable. All you have to do is stand on it for 10 minutes every day.
  • BUILT LIKE A SOFT, CUSHY TANK The Fury Fitness pad is built to last. Made out of closed-cell soft foam and, for you plastic savvy folks, 100% Thermoplastic Elastomers. It is non-porous, waterproof and naturally anti-microbial.

Improve & Retain Your Balance

The Fury Fitness Balance Pad is a piece of angel-foam you’ll want to press your toes and bum into...separately that is. It’s soft and unstable enough to cause your feet and ankles to work out but firm enough to be durable and long-lasting. Plus, the foam is naturally non-slip so you can use it on slick wooden or tiled floors.

Made out of closed-cell, soft foam and technically 100% Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPA), this genie-pillow is waterproof, and naturally anti-microbial. And sized extra-large, this balance pad comes in at: 19.5 in X 15.5 in X 2.5 in.

Perfect for:
✓ Balancing exercises,
✓ Yoga,
✓ Meditation,
✓ Rehab and recuperation,
✓ Standing desks,
✓ Knee pads for gardening,
✓ And more!

Caring for your pad: Though extremely wear-resistant and hardy, this closed-cell foam can lose pressure (much like balloons) when subjected to long periods of pressure (12+ hours). It's best stored flat, without anything on top. Storing boxes on it can leave visible pressure-points which will never completely recover. Constant storage in water or in direct sunlight will shorten the life making it brittle and stiff. Soiled pads are best treated with a soft brush and warm soapy water. To lengthen product life, we recommend rinsing them after use with fresh water, shaking off excess water and allowing them to air dry.

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