Fury Fitness Olympic Rings - Gymnastics and CrossFit - Made of Real High-Grade Wood - Use these Rings for Home or Gym Exercise Workouts
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  • UNLIKE OTHER GYMNASTICS RINGS this pair is made of high-quality non-slip wood. Other rings are typically made of cheap, slippery plastic or poor-quality wood that doesn’t perform well while you’re working out. Our buckles are made of high-density metal and won’t break under any normal use.
  • EASY SETUP: Our easy-slide buckles make it easy to feed the straps through. Get to working out with your gymnastics rings faster with this pair of two rings, two buckles, and two straps! Use these anywhere for anything - whether it’s pullups, pushups, crossfit, or training for the Olympics. These rings work great for both adults, kids, women, and men.
  • REAL WOOD = NON-SLIP: When you workout, you sweat. Plastic rings are slippery when your hands are sweating - this is why you’ll never see plastic gymnastics rings in the Olympics. Our rings are made of real wood and will not slip no matter how hard you workout!
  • LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED: Our rings will last forever. Other ring sets contain buckles that can break after just a few uses - not ours. In fact, we’re so confident that if anything happens to any part of your rings set in the first 10 years of use, just let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund or full replacement!
  • USE ANYWHERE: Can hang these indoor or outdoor. Can use for pullups, dips, or tons of other exercises. Great for men, women, and kids. 

Get Swole On The Go

You = Monkey

Want to show your friends how fancy you are by flipping around and doing muscle ups on a pair of high-quality wooden rings?

Here’s your chance, you beast you!

This set of comes with two smooth wooden rings, two straps, and two solid metal buckles.

They’re easy to hang from anywhere that can support your weight. (No promises if you try to hang them from a ceiling fan in your apartment.)

Use them for gymnastics practice, distracting your kids, Crossfit, or just gettin’ swole at your home gym.

The rings are made of densely-packed, high-quality wood. They’re so smooth you won’t be able to tell if you’re touching a set of gymnastics rings or a freshly waxed Lambo.

Whether you’re a tiny munchkin that weighs 50lbs soaking wet or you’re a beastly gorilla that weighs 250lbs or more, these bad boys will support your weight.

So now it’s time to get some and click the ole’ add to cart button. Get your own set of monkey-creating, back-and-arm-building wooden gymnastics rings!

http://websites.retailcatalog.us/1985/mm/pdf.png Download the Gymnastic Rings Brochure

Fury Fitness Olympic Rings - Gymnastics and CrossFit - Made of Real High-Grade Wood - Use these Rings for Home or Gym Exercise Workouts

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