Using Our Gear

Fury Fitness gear is used by Joes, Jocks and Janes alike. Whether you want to get fit or stay fit, we have the gear for you.

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Balance Board a Balance Board Easier or Harder Board Instructional Inserts


How to balance on a balance board

Resistance Bands

Shoulder Warmup Series


Band Assisted Dips


Bench Press with Bands Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Bands Bicep Curls Assisted Pullup Deadlift with Bands Do Anywhere, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout Resistance Band Workout Easy Resistance Band Exercises



Balance Pad

Fury Fitness Balance Pad Is Ranked #5 out of 10


Using A Balance Pad



Fitness Floss

Using Floss Bands



Gymnastic Rings

Using Gym Rings