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Wrist Wrap with Thumb Loops

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Weightlifting Wrist Straps Reduce Pain, Wrist Brace for Lifting Heavy Weights, Best Universal Wrist Band for Super Strength Training & Support
  • UNLIKE OTHER WRIST WRAPS The Fury Fitness wrap is comfortable enough to wear all day. Made out of firm yet soft fabric and elastic fibers, it is strong enough to offer good support through compression but not overly restrictive. With high-strength stitching, you can be sure everything will stay in one piece, including the Velcro®-like hook-and-loop fastener and the thumb loop attached to the cloth.
  • THE CURE FOR WRIST PAIN Finally wrist pain, weakness, and other issues don't have to stop you from doing your gym exercises. This wrap saves your wrists. Made of stretchy and flexible strapping, you can wrap it any way you like to keep the tension where it needs to be.
  • HIT THAT NEW PERSONAL RECORD This heavy duty wrap will provide as much support as you need so you can hit new workout PRs while benching, overhead press, barbell squat, deadlift, curl or any other heavy weight pressing motion. Take your strap with you on your next chest or arm day and feel your bench boost during your next XFit WOD.
  • NOT JUST FOR WORKING OUT Whether you're typing on your computer keyboard, doing manual labor, handling chores or out with golfers, wrist pain can be paralyzing. This wrap is perfect for wrist stabilization under any circumstances including tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. And because it is ambidextrous, it will work whether you are right or left handed.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS 1) Unroll the band so the logo is right-side up. 2) Insert thumb up through the bottom of the loop. 3) Start wrapping the band around the back of your hand, not your palm. 4) Tighten and adjust it around your wrist, as needed, to provide support without being overly restrictive. Each wrap is 3 inches wide and unrolls 18 inches long. People with small hands and wrists will wrap it around 3 times while those with large hands and wrists will wrap it twice. NOTE: 1 wrap per order.